I am OPJAH, I will never relent and never be shy of my career singing like olamide baddo..
That is my talent, that is my career, I always want to be like olamide badoo in future, Olamide is my music daddy.

Since the days of ‘eniduro’ olamide has been my only mentor, his career has inspired me enough to be like him. some people ignored and discouraged me, but am so sure that it may takes more time to hustle, destiny cannot be changed.. those that encourages me gives me the power to win.
Most of successful men that lives happily today.. many of them had faced years of failures and they just live life like “JOHNBULL” but immediately JOHNBULL wake up and start to hustle hard, things change for good and starts to live a worthy life.
As we can all see this generation, many choose to hustle than going to school, because Nigeria economic is so bad that many graduates don’t get a good job after many years of studies in school, they only go back home to keep their papers under the pillow, that why JOHNBULL decide to hustle early, make money early to kill poverty early.

The street needs to know more about ‘OPJAH’ because I have more vibes to give the street.
I officially dropped JOHNBULL track as my first single
There’s no bad vibes in JOHNBULL..
Download and enjoy….


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