POEM : “CORONAVIRUS” – By Nwachukwu Cornelius Arinze

*Poem By Nwachukwu Cornelius Arinze*



All The Way From Wuhan China, You Arose To Terrorise The World

Without Visa You Visited The Whole Nations Of The Earth

And Without A Sword You Halted All The Hallowed Activities Of Man.

The Vatican City You Have Reduced To a Desert

Even Our Market Places You Have Made Desolate .

Where Will The Beggers Now Earn Their Living ?

Our Dear Soccer Leagues You Have Put To Stop.

And The Bars Where Most Men go To Bottle Away Their Sorrow You Have Caused To Shutdown

Leaving those with Nagging Wives With No Place Of Solace …
A Lockdown Indeed !

The Schools You Have Suffered No Soul To Remain Therein , Leaving The Future Of Our Generation in doubt.

We Hate You Covid-19 For All These Pains You Have Caused Us .

You have Killed Both The Poor Man In The Streets and The Rich Man On The Seat .

Go away from us Corona Virus ! for you have overstayed your welcome .

You have Single Handedly Put The World in a State Of Perplexity.

Only By The Doctrine Of Hand Sanitization And Social Distancation Shall We Be Preserved .

And By The Mercy Of God Shall We Be Saved.

Nwachukwu Cornelius Arinze Is A Law Student Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He’s Also A Blogger/Digital Marketer Born and Raised in Enugu State, Nigeria .

The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Forced The Young Man To Make His Debut In The Literary World. The Poem *CoronaVirus* is his First Poem .

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